Just the “Faxx,” ma’am

I had a great ride on Faxx this evening. He was steadier in the contact/connection than he has been. I think it took him awhile to get ‘over’ his teeth floating last Thursday. 

It has been a long journey to figure out Faxx. He is a good boy and has a good work ethic, and is very laid back. But he is still my toughest ride. It has been a real learning curve to ride well enough to ride him the way he needs to be ridden. He is almost a ‘professional’s horse’ – only because you have to ride him very ‘sympathetically’ since he is quite sensitive. He just does not tolerate any unsteadiness in your hands or imbalance in your body. That has been good for me as a rider because I’ve had to step up to the plate to do him justice. He is definitely the best-moving horse I’ve ever had – and luckily he has the brain to go with it. But, as someone once told me, “every horse has a hole in it’ — and Faxx’s “hole” is that he is a little tricky to ride due to that sensitivity.

Keeping him connected enough to sit the trot for long periods of time has been the latest challenge. He’s doing great, his lateral work is absolutely effortless, and his canter is super easy to ride. Most people are wowed by his trot, but his canter is, I think, really his best gait. He can do the canter serpentine from First 4 very easily already.

I think he is about ready to show First level. This evening I sat the trot for the majority of our ride and was able to keep him nicely connected throughout. Now I need to find a schooling show to take him to. I am going to show him Training level at a few more recognized shows, tho. His next outing will be at the spring HDS show April 24-25.


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