Faeryn’s First Level debut

Faeryn is going to a schooling show Sunday – her first this year. She will show First Level Test 1 and First level Test 2. In Test 2 we’ll be ‘winging it’ a bit since her canter lengthenings are definitely a ‘work in progress.’ Her leg yield can be quite good, tho, and her canter is getting better and better.

One thing I have discovered about her canter work – don’t ‘help’ her so much. I guess it’s like raising kids – if you help them too much, they never learn to do it on their own. Same with Faeryn’s canter. I was wearing myself out, trying to support her with all my aids – seat/legs/hand. And then I realized – self carriage means just THAT. She needs to learn to balance and carry herself with little help from me. So I’ve backed off and am trying to just ‘sit’ more – give help here and there to keep her straight, bent correctly and through – but give her lots of chances to carry herself. And she can, and she does. And as a result – she is getting stronger and her canter is getting more correct and she can go longer periods between ‘corrections’ from me. The trot is the same, really, but Faeryn has never needed much help from me at the trot.

Not to be outdone, Faxx will make his first level debut at a schooling show in April.  He is sort of the opposite of Faeryn. He needs more help at the trot than the canter. And I’m trying to make him more ‘independent’ at trot, too.


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