The white monster…

I have wanted a washing machine for the barn for a long time. Recently I did a bit of remodeling to the barn interior and as a result, now had a spot for a washer. I started out looking at new washers, but decided I really did not want to pay more for a barn washer than I did for the one in our house! So then I searched used ones. I hit the jackpot and found a large capacity GE, fairly new, for $165. I guess it’s a sad commentary on your life when a cheap used washer can send you into nirvana. 😉   I picked it up after work today, and Mike did the ‘heavy lifting’ and I hooked it up. The drain hose conveniently goes out a barn window, into flowerbeds below. Almost giddy, I cranked up the machine for its maiden voyage – a saddle pad. Once it started, I went and got Fling to tack her up for a short ride.

Whereupon I reallized the horses were not going to be as happy about the new washing machine as I was. 😉  First, just the sight of the machine – big, white square – was enough to give Fling pause. It sits about 10 feet from the crossties where I tack the horses up. Just when Fling was getting used to the SIGHT of the thing, it hit the drain cycle and made (to Fling) scary clicks and mechanical noises – and then the coup de grace — the sound of gallons and gallons of water rushing out and hitting the ground outside the barn. That’s when Fling started spinning even faster than the washing machine and I had to put her in her stall for the rest of the wash cycle! LOL!  Most of the time the washer will be in use when they are out in the pasture. But just for good measure, when they came in to eat this evening, I ran another load, just to try and desensitize them to it.

During our short ride this evening, I mostly worked on canter. At this point in our training, I now have to ‘insist’ that Fling steps up to the plate, listens to my half halts and CARRIES herself. As I wrote yesterday – just being nice to her isn’t going to get us where we want to go at this point. I have to think of myself as her ‘personal trainer.’ A personal trainer makes you do stuff you don’ really want to do at the time, and it’s hard, but it makes you better and you’re happy afterwards that you did it. (Well, as least I did when I was working with a personal trainer.) Fling, I am sure, does not think in such abstract terms, and she certainly doesn’t worry about her fitness level, but she DOES like the peppermints she gets after every ride. 😉


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