Daylight Savings Time!

Some people look forward to Christmas – I look forward to the start of Daylight Savings Time! Even though I am grateful to have lights to ride under – I detest riding under them. They just seem to alter perception in many ways – depth perception, ‘forward perception. And there’s just something downright depressing about riding under them. I also hate that I cannot see ANYTHING beyond the perimeter of my arena. In my book, they are a ‘necessary evil’ – sort of like covered arenas, which I also dislike. Yes, I am odd! šŸ˜‰  Now I will have time to ride two horses every evening IN DAYLIGHT!

The beautiful weather continues, and hopefully in a few months I’ll have made some much-needed arena improvements. I put my arena in about 6 years ago and nothing has been done to it since. It is MAJORLY crowned, which is a good thing for drainage, but very difficult sometimes since you really do sort of ride up and down — especially tough doing lateral work from one side to the other.  Also, my footing is quite dead, and as it has settled, I have some low spots in my base, which make for some deep spots right along the quarterline almost the length of one whole side. So, I had a guy who has done some local arenas come look at it last month, and when it’s a bit drier, he is going to bring in some more base to bring the sides up so it’s not quite so crowned, and also fix my low spots – and then bring in new sand. The most exciting news tho, is it looks like I am finally going to get MIRRORS! I think for now I will go for half of one short side. I need to order one set of mirrors and prop them up and see if they work at all under the lights, since that will impact where I decide to put them. Now I need to call the guy who built our run-in shed and get a bid from him for the framework. The mirrors themselves are not very expensive at all.  Having mirrors will help my riding tremendously!

The horses are all working well. I am still having some on again, off again trouble with half pass to the right with Fling. But her basic trot work is very good, and her canter is getting better. The flying changes are good – my biggest trouble now is I tend to overcue her, which makes her do a huge ‘bucky leaping’ change instead of a more ‘polite’ one. Faxx and Faeryn are working very well. Faeryn is going to a schooling show next weekend for her first level debut – Faxx will make his first level debut at a schooling show in April. Fling will show third level soon. They are all shedding and getting quite shiny! As usual, Faeryn won the shedding race and is sleek, shiny and has that ‘copper penny’ sheen to her coat like her mom, Sonnys Mona Lisa+/ had.  Of the two, Faeryn definitely reminds me most of Lisa. She has her ‘face’ and even some of her little mannerisms. I don’t think I will ever stop missing Lisa – or being grateful to her for giving me Faeryn and Fling. I can see her grave from the arena when I ride.


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