Faeryn bolts – and I make a discovery

I rode Faeryn tonight – I planned to ride Faxx since he hasn’t been ridden since I got back from Marta’s. But Faxx had other ideas and I did not feel like chasing him all over ten acres. Faeryn was a willing ‘victim,’ so Faeryn it was.

There is a “scary” (to the horses anyway) corner in my arena that adjoins neighbor’s property. There’s dense underbrush between us, and their driveway and shop on the other side. So sometimes there are noises – either in the brush from squirrels, rabbits, etc,  – or from neighbors slamming car doors, abruptly exiting workshop, etc.  About once a week I can pretty much count on Faeryn to do a good spook/bolt from that corner. We were almost through tonight when she did it. However, this time when she bolted, instead of turning her and stopping her — I made her work. I brought her from gallop to trot and did 15m circles and noticed how much more connected, forward, through and POWERFUL her trot now was. THIS was the trot I WANTED. So I worked her in the “big” trot for about ten minutes and then quit. What a wonderful feeling. Faeryn has not done herself any favors. Now I know just HOW MUCH I can get out of her – and won’t be willing to settle for less next time I ride her. Maybe I can get the neighbors to shoot off fireworks or something in that corner.;)



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