Some pictures from “Dressage Camp”

I haven’t had time to download and look at all the pics yet, but here are some Marta took with her iPhone. The gray horse is Brumoso, an Andalusian stallion she has in training. Can you see now why I had trouble sitting his trot? šŸ˜‰  And, of course, the pinto is Fling, who was nice enough to wait until TODAY to lose a shoe! Very glad it did not happen last week!

Beautiful day here, the mud is almost a distant memory! I’ve ridden Faeryn every day since I got back, applying principles I learned last week and she’s working really well. I had gotten ‘off track’ with her and was struggling to figure out what was going wrong since she was working super a few months ago. Two main things: Not enough FORWARD and not enough BEND. Last week I did not think she was anywhere near ready to show First level. Now it seems very ‘do-able.’  Just need to work on leg yielding a bit more.



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