And a sidenote about my equine Houdini…

Since Fling has already figured out how to ‘cheat’ the door latch system at Marta’s barn, I have been tying a lead rope around the post/door on one side of the door, and, since this is FLING we’re talking about, have wound her halter around the other side, and then buckled it around the post and the door so the door is IMMOVEABLE.

This evening I went over to feed them and to hand walk her for a bit…and was very puzzled to find the lead rope missing from her stall door. I thought maybe one of the barn help had removed it…. and when I went in to give her hay, found it buried in her stall among the shavings! Now, this was tied in a double knot, on the OUTSIDE of the stall door. She has a very tiny muzzle that fits between the bars of virtually every rolling door….she somehow got the knotted rope turned to the INSIDE of the stall, worked the knot free and then DRAGGED the entire lead rope into her stall.

If she had a rockhammer, she’d no doubt manage to tunnel her way out like that guy in The Shawshank Redemption!


One thought on “And a sidenote about my equine Houdini…

  1. Sherra

    I’m laughing so hard while reading this……….nothing like having a Houdini in the barn! Mac is mine…..and I have to take a lot "locking" precausions with him. Gotta love em’! 🙂


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