Training all next week!

The rains have stopped temporarily. Of course, the two sunniest, mildest, most beautiful days in recent memory I was sick as a dog. Isn’t that the way it goes? Fortunately, I recovered in time to ride Friday and rode all three horses today.

Faxx is working really well but I need some help with Faeryn. I am still having trouble with her going (and staying) behind the vertical. She’s not doing it to avoid the bit – she is “through” and in front of my leg. But regardless, she needs to come up a few inches – pushing her more forward helps temporarily, but does not entirely solve the problem. I am sure Marta will have a solution.  The flying changes are actually going pretty well…my timing is getting better. I still have to really THINK about every single little aid I need to make it happen, but the changes are getting cleaner and straighter and Fling is way past the point of getting excited by them – and I can school them pretty much ‘at will.’

I leave Monday morning to go to Marta’s. It’s about 1.5 hours away – without traffic. But considering I have to drive THROUGH Houston to get there, that may be meaningless. That’s one of the reasons I decided to stay out there for the week. Faxx and Fling are going Monday – Fling will stay all week, but Wednesday I will bring Faxx home and take Faeryn. I will also be riding some of Marta’s horses that are trained to around PSG.  The plan is to ride in the a.m. and ‘play’ in the afternoon. There are several malls and a nice tack shop nearby!  This is the first time since 1998 that I’ve taken an entire week off work!

The weather forecast calls for COLD weather next week – with highs only in mid 40s several days! I am packing all my cold weather gear – I am a weather wimp. Also packing all the cold weather gear for the horses, too!

I hope to keep a daily ‘log’ of my training, and might have pictures, too. I am taking my digital camera and my laptop and hopefully I can upload some pics.


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