Dogpaddling here…

El Nino just will not leave us alone…it rained Tuesday night, it rained yesterday and it’s rained most of today. Our pasture is a lake, there is just nowhere for all the water to go. It’s raining faster than it can drain and forget about anything drying up when the temperatures are not getting higher than mid 40s.

My Rhino turnout sheets got a real test today – even tho my horses have a run-in shed I still have not figured out the rhyme or reason as to when they feel the real need to use it. They will ignore their nice 16×36 shelter and graze in the pouring rain, and one day I came home in perfectly nice weather to find every single one of them parked inside it. Today they were standing huddled by the gate to the barn looking perfectly miserable when I got home. It was all an act, my husband told me when I came in – he said until about 5 minutes before I got home, they’d been standing in the shed all day. Are they really smart enough to plan something like this?  I can picture this scenario. Fling, the brains of the operation, instructs Faxx and Faeryn on “the plan.”  “Ok, she gets home at 5, so head to the gate at 4:55  and stand with your head hanging and look as miserable as you can manage.  It’s guaranteed to get us extra hay, alfala and treats when she gets home!” 

And their little plan would have worked if it hadn’t been for a snitch! LOL! And, btw, the Rhino sheets were soaked on top – but underneath the horses were all dry and toasty. I spent 2 hours out in the barn pulling off wet sheets and hanging them to drip dry, and replacing them with cozy fleece sheets, cleaning stalls, putting out hay, hosing off legs,  etc.  On days like today I really appreciate the fact our barn is attached to the house by a breezeway. (To see pics, go to and then click on “take the tour.”) 

Anyway, I am sick to death of the rain. I guess I should be happy it’s not snow – but at least with snow I could ride in my arena!  I already had a dirt guy out last weekend to discuss improving the drainage/footing in my arena and round pen, putting in more crushed concrete under all the gates and on the driveway to the barn. I got a bid that sounds fair  – but who knows when it will actually be dry enough to do anything!  And as far as Fling’s Third level debut – July is looking good!! Even if it stops raining right NOW — I will be lucky to be able to ride by Saturday.


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