The Blahs

I am a sunny-day, warm weather person. I thrive on sunshine and warmth. When it’s cold and gray for days on end I can’t get motivated to do much. Our farm is a sea of mud, and its been that way for the most part since December. Which means I’ve had the blahs for months now.

The rain just won’t go away for more than two or three days – and when it’s not raining, it’s been cold and overcast. Which means nothing is drying up. I have a pretty good arena – if we have one sunny day, I can usually ride the day after it rains. But when it rains for days on end, and there’s no sun, and it’s cold – it takes longer to dry out. And lately we’ve barely had enough breaks between rainy days for it to dry up. This week, I was able to ride Faxx on Monday, but then it rained Tuesday – Thursday. I got on Fling Friday evening, hopeful, but all I could do was walk. Saturday was sunny, and by the afternoon my arena was 100%, so I rode Fling and Faeryn. This morning I rode Faeryn and Faxx – and the sun had gone away and clouds rolled in — tomorrow it is supposed to start raining again, with colder weather coming.Around here, usually we have short bursts of cold, and lots of balmy weather during the winter. Usually!

Even when I can ride, I have to slog through mud to GET to it. I have already warned my husband we are spending $ on arena upgrade and “mud abatement’ this summer. In fact, I had a dirt guy come out Sat. a.m. to look at everything and give us an estimate.

The only thing that makes me feel better about the current situation is a) at least I do have a good outdoor and I can ride SOMETIMES (most of my friends with outdoor arenas are in worse shape than me and b) this is an El Nino year and the weather has been awful all over the country. El Nino isn’t just responsible for our incredibly rainy, cold winter,it’s also the cause of the huge snowstorms on the east coast, the historic rains in Californai, etc.  And, my husband sent me an article the other day about it, and they say this is the worst El Nino in the past decade.

It can only get better from here, right???

I was thinking about taking Faeryn to another recognized show, to do just one day again. But I’ve been able to ride so little, I think it’s really a waste of time and money. I think I’ll save my money for more lessons…



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