Super “Post-Lesson” Ride

I rode Faeryn tonight since it’s supposed to rain “again” tomorrow. It might be my last chance to ride her before I haul her to the show Saturday! I also wanted to reinforce what Marta had me do in our lesson last night. It was tough at first – she really did not want to get off my left leg and I was having a tough time convincing her to be forward enough. (I think she is in heat – that’s usually the only time she’s not forward enough.) We worked through the forward issue, and then I could work more on the ‘get off my inside leg!” issue. I finally had to do some ‘extreme leg yield’ to make my point – and after that, she was super!  Suddenly she was really using her inside hind – stepping nicely underneath herself – and her trot got much more powerful, she got rounder and her self-carriage improved about 50%. I was able to maintain this feeling both directions and even at canter. In our canter departs, she is wanting to throw her shoulder to the inside and counterflex her neck – basically disconnecting and ‘unloading’ her inside hind. I was able to keep her bent around my leg and maintain the position through the depart and keep both hands to the inside at canter like I’d been doing at the trot. It was a super feeling and I hope she works this well at the show!

I wanted to ride Fling, but Faxx came home from the vet and I had to tend to his abscess. He got turned out in the round pen – just about the only semi-dry turnout area on the place – but the ‘track’ is still muddy and his bandage got wet and muddy, so I had to disinfect his wound, dry and re-wrap his hoof. Tomorrow he will get a Davis boot over his wrap and that should keep him clean and dry. We’ll be doing this for about the next ten days while the ‘hole’ in the bulb of his foot heals.


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