Faxx is hurt…..

He came in for dinner three-legged lame, elucant to even put weight on his front right. He has heat in the ankle and some puffiness extending a few inches above. I iced his leg for about 45 minutes and gave him some bute. Hopefully my vet can take a look at him tomorrow. I am hoping it is not that bad and this is just Faxx’s usual ‘woosiness’ about any injury. About a year and a half ago he came in just as lame, and x-rays and ultrasound showed no serious injury, and he was good as new in about 5 days. This is what happens when it rains about every three days. The mud is bad at our place – plenty of places with NO mud and high, dry ground on our ten acres – but of course the horses don’t spend all their time there. šŸ˜¦


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