Photos of Faeryn from the schooling show championships

I got my photo CD from the photog who was at the show. And I finally sat down last night and watched my video of my two rides. It always takes me a few weeks to work up the courage.  😉  I had not seen video of Faeryn in several months. And I always forget how light and elegant she looks. She and Fling and are both really nice horses – but very, very different. Kind of like me and my brother – who was 6 feet tall and skinny! Everywhere we go, people are attracted to Faeryn, and everyone tells me how pretty she is. I think it’s because of her pretty, sweet face and her outgoing personality! That, and she views anyone on two legs as a potential cookie donor.  😉

Included are some images from the show –under saddle, candid and ‘posed.’  I especially like the one of Faeryn shot from her backside. I call that her “Betty Grable” pose. Or am I the only one old enough to remember that famous pinup? LOL!



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