Big Day Tomorrow

The first annual Houston Dressage Society Schooling Show Championships are Sunday. Faeryn is signed up to go. The weather has been awful (of course, now that I have time to ride!) but I’ve ridden Faeryn anyway, picking our way around the driest spots in the arena. We could only trot a few days. I was also gone last weekend to the USDF Symposium – more on that when I have time.

Faeryn is working well – a lot will just depend on luck. The venue for the schooling show championships has very clay-ish footing in their outdoor arena. The show will be in one covered arena, and they have another covered arena for schooling – but Faeryn is not used to working in close proximity to other horses – just about the only BAD thing about having your own place – and if I am unable to warm up outside in relative solitude – she will be tenser than ideal, and we probably won’t really warm up the way we need to.

The forecast called for more rain today, but so far, so good. If it does not rain today, I think it might be doable. Just hoping the owner has been dragging the heck out of the outdoor!

She is the last ride of the class, which is a good thing. I am taking her over tomorrow to school in the ring since she is still ‘looky’ in strange arenas. Even tho she’s been there before, I can’t count on her being ok going into it ‘cold.’ She could stay overnight, but since she’s never been off the farm overnight (except for hurricane evacs, when she was with her buddies)I don’t think now is the time to try it!

I also had time to ride Faxx last night and he’s really gotten quite good – without being ridden much the last month. LOL! So maybe that’s the key – ride him as little as possible! I think he’s grown and gotten more uphill – his trot was very easy to sit, he stayed connected and was not ‘fussy’ in his contact at all. He is going to the last schooling show of the season NEXT weekend. And I have a diabolical plan for this “christmas” show where one is encouraged to dress in holiday attire. Let’s just say it involves battery powered Christmas lights and a blinking Rudolph nose. 😉 Stay tuned!


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