Monthly Archives: October 2009


Before this year, I’d gone a decade without getting dumped….and this makes the third time this year I’ve hit the ground. I guess that’s what comes with having two four-year-olds!

Faxx dumped me today – the first time for him. It was really partially my fault for poor judgment. I quit lunging him before riding him months ago… he’s really a laid back guy. Plus I normally ride in the evening after he’s been out all day. This morning I decided to ride since it was supposed to rain later in the day – so I started with him, straight from being stalled all night. I planned to do a lot of walk to warm him up. I’d totally forgotten about his ‘cold back’ issue since it’d been so long since it was an issue.

I got on him, he took two steps forward and in a nanosecond I felt that totally sucked back feeling that every experienced horseman dreads….and Faxx reared straight up into the air….I stayed with that, but when he came down he started bucking.. I managed to grab the ‘sos’ strap I have on his (and every) saddle…but instead of going FORWARD and bucking, he was bucking in place and I could not get him to stop..I think I rode out three of them…thought i was safe for a minute…but buck 4 came and off I went — breaking the bucking strap in the process!

I laid on the ground moaning and taking inventory of my body parts for a few moments…then got up, got Faxx, lunged him in the round pen, then, went inside and took two Advil, and went back outside to get back on him. No hysterics this time, but i pulled my right groin muscle so badly I really can’t ride at more than a walk. I tried trotting and it was just not going to happen. I cannot use my right leg at all to press inward.

Of course I have a show with Faeryn next weekend – her first since April, even tho I’ve tried twice to get her to a schooling show and they’ve both been cancelled due to lack of entries! I’ve had a groin pull before, and they are slow to heal. I started icing it as soon as I got inside. My right shoulder is really sore, too, but useable.

Funny thing – what Faxx did today was exactly what he did the very first time I worked him with a saddle in the round pen…. he accepted the saddle quietly when I tacked him up in the barn…was perfectly quiet walking the 100 feet to the round pen – but when I asked him to move forward, he reared straight up into the air, and started bucking in place when he came down. I was so stunned – I’d never had a horse react like that. I finally used the lunge whip to push him forward and he was fine – and never had another episode like that, until today.

So I went almost a year riding him without getting dumped. I guess for a 4-year-old that’s not bad. Faeryn has dumped me twice – from spooking at the walk when I was just noodling around on her  – and was not hurt at all. Fling, who’s 9, has never dumped me. Fling and Faeryn’s mom, Lisa, never dumped me in the 16 years I rode her.