The cast of characters


All of my horses are sired by the Oldenburg stallion, Frohwind. Flying Colorz (aka Fling) is the pinto and was born in 2000. Faeryn, her full sister, is the bay with four tiny socks and a tiny star. She was born in 2005. I bred both of them, and their mother was a half Arabian pinto I owned and loved for 18 years, Sonnys Mona Lisa+/. I paid $800 for Lisa as a yearling in 1989 and she took me on an amazing journey. She never knew she only cost $800 and was very competitive in open, all breed competition, as well as the Arabian shows. She earned almost all of her points for her AHA Legion of Supreme Honor competing against warmbloods.

Faxxsimile++, who is the one with the big blaze and 3 stockings, was also born in 2005, and also by Frohwind. Faxx is double registered Half Arabian and is also registered and branded Oldenburg. I bought Faxx from his breeder when he was just 8 months old. Faxx is definitely the best moverof the three, but he is also the toughest to ride, as he is the least willing to take steady contact with the bit. But he’s getting much better – and has scored 70%+ at recognized shows. He is a sweet, obedient, laid back guy and he’ll get there – just may take a bit longer. Boy horses are much like human boys – much slower to mature than the girls!

Fling is working third level and I’ve shown her at one schooling show, getting scores in the mid-60s. I hope to earn my USDF Bronze medal on her in 2010.

I have been showing Faeryn in schooling shows in 2009, and she was the Reserve Training Level Amateur Champion at the HDS Schooling Show Championships, with a 65% under two S judges. She will make her recognized show debut in January, 2010. Faeryn is the simplest of my horses to ride. I say she read the Dressage 101 manual in utero. 😉


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