Where we are now…

Fling is working third level and the goal for this year WAS to finally get my USDF Bronze medal…but Fling’s had other ideas. Every time I’ve entered a show, she’s done SOMETHING to herself….the last “something” was a fractured coffin bone, which turned out to be not as bad as it sounds. She’s sound now, but is rusty after 8 weeks off and now I’ve got to focus on qualifying Faxx for the Regional Championships. So it looks like next year for our recognized show Third level debut…Fling loves her job, despite her apparent reluctance to “go for the Bronze” and is a joy to ride every day.

I started Faeryn under saddle myself and she’s been easy and uncomplicated. Her only issue now is a ‘sticky’ stifle that was worsened by a pasture incident, which made her cross canter to the right for awhile. We’ve been working on strengthening her right stifle for the past few months and the canter has improved a lot – so much that she went to the ISR/Oldenburg inspection last week and got a 72% (premium score) on the Mare Performance Test. She is schooling most of First level but has only been to two schooling shows this year and shown Training Level. She turned four June 26. The plan for her for the rest of the year is more schooling shows – she really needs show mileage since she’s very excitable in new places – she just hasn’t been off the farm enough, and she is just inherently a bit ‘hotter’ than either Fling or Faxx. But she is probably the easiest and most uncomplicated of the three to ride.

Faxx, who is half Arab and half Oldenburg, but double registered both (mom was an Arabian approved and accepted into the Oldenburg Main Mare book) is probably the most talented of the three, but his huge movement has taken awhile for me to learn to ride. When it all comes together, he easily scores in the 70s at recognized shows. Taking steady contact was a big issue when he was first started under saddle, but I switched him to a Sprenger aurigan “turnado’ bit and that’s made a HUGE difference in his willingness to take steady contact. He has one score toward qualifying for our Regional USDF Championships and the end of this month we’ll try for the second one. He has already earned his Legion of Merit (++) from the Arabian Horse Association, based on points earned in Arabian Sport Horse competition in hand, under saddle and dressage. So, technically, his ‘proper’ name these days is Faxxsimile++. He is one laid back guy and a real joy to take to shows.


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